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Fantasy Date_(1)

A warm fire,candles, a goumet dinner, and wine. The kind of night you only dream about, but little did I know that it would exceed all my expectations.

I had met Kim through a mutual friend, and after talking a few times we agreed to have dinner.She arrived at my house at the decided time, and I took her coat and poured her a glass of wine. We chatted all through dinner, and was warming up to each other very well.Then it happened, while reaching to fill her glass, my arm knocked my plate into my lap, also splilling my wine.We laughed it off and I said I was going to take a quixk shower and change.She said that was fine as she wanted to make herself more comfortable and freshen up anyways.I went to the bathroom and started the shower.The hot water was fogging up the room as I entered the shower. I still had the soap in my hand and my back was to the door, when I felt a gentle touch on my back.Kim had snuck into the shower to join me , and was gently washing my back.It felt really great with her hands soaping all over my body, but when she reached around to wash my chest from behind, I not only felt her warm, 38d breast on my back,something else rubbed up against my thigh.I turned toward her and lokked her up and down, and there it was, and hard wet, throbbing 6" cock sticking out straight at me.To say the least I was shocked, but not disturbed. I had always been fascinated with shemales. I had seen pictures and the thought of having one as beautiful as Kim, right here with me, was turning me on. My 7" cock started to throb even harder at the excitement of it all. We continued to wash and vcaress each others parts until the hot water started running out,then we toweled each other off and retreated to my bed.

I t was there that I got my first upclose look and a real living shemale.Her breast were so smooth and perfectly round, with just enough sag to keep them realistic.Further down, her cock throbbbed at my every touch.I couldn't resist, I bent down closer to get a better look, and her scent was soooo intoxicating, it seemed only natural to stck my tongue out and lick the drop of precome escaping from the tip.Kim moaned loadly at the first touch of my tounge,and that only encouraged me to take the tip into my mouth, slowly savouring the taste as her cock slid further between my lips.As I quickened my pace, I reached up with my hands and started to caress first one breast, then the other.Kim was moaning loudly now and was starting to shake.She warmed me she was going to come, but I was too caught up in the moment.I flicked my tounge over the only a few more times when she erupted the sweetest tasting nectar I ever tasted.I swallowed all that I could, relishing the exquisit taste of her cum,wanting more.

But Kim wasn't finished with me.She rolled over and got on her hands and knees, and presented me with her apple shapped ass.My cock was leaking precum like never before, which provided all the lubrication we needed for my cock to enter her smooth, tight ass. I penetrated her slowly at first, letting her get use to the invasion.But the animan lust within me soon took over, and I was ramming my cock into her ass with fierce intent.There was no passion now, nothing gentle, no mercy.As she screamed for me to fuck her, I was thrusting into her ass with everything I had.
The excitement within me had reached its peak, and with us both screaming our mutual climaxes, I exploded my cum into her with a force I had never known before.I continued to pump her ass until at last I was spent, my softening cocking still mildly throbbing inside her, we rolled onto our sides, and lay breathless in each other arms, as we drifted into a blissfull sleep.

I awoke the next morning only to find that Kim had already gone.But beside me on the pillow where she had laid her head, she left this note."Thanks for the most wonderfull evening of a lifetime.I had to get home to freshen up, and get some more clothes, Call me and we"ll have dinner again,TONIGHT"

Now how could a man refuse that???????????????